Sound Effects In Stereo

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Realistic/Audio Fidelity
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Art Direction: Rhea Atkins

Coordinator [Project Coordinator]: Harold Drayson

Edited By: William Hamilton

Executive-Producer: Herman D. Gimbel

Liner Notes: Richard Strunsky

Mastered By: Ray Hagerty


—On sleeve—
Produced exclusively for Realistic by Audio Fidelity Records
20 to 20,000 CPS Audiophile Series

Distributed by Allied Radio Shack · Div. of Tandy Corp., Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Printed in U.S.A.
© Copyright 1971 by Audio Fidelity Records, A Division of Audiofidelity Enterprises, Inc.

Liner notes in English
Spine: Sound Effects In Stereo   Realistic 50-2018

A1—Courtesy Transfiguration Catholic School, N.Y.C.
A6, A7—Courtesy Consolidated Edison Co., 59th Street Plant, N.Y.C.
A8—Courtesy N. Y. Airways Helicopter Service
A9—Courtesy Mr. Rene Biourd, Instructo, Grand Central Railroad Y.M.C.A, N.Y.C.
A20—Courtesy Bob Prescott, Cy Harrice
B11, B13, B14—Courtesy Trefflich Bird and Animal Co., Inc., N.Y.C.
B23—Courtesy Grand Central Railroad Y.M.C.A., N.Y.C.

—On center labels—
Gold labels, black printing

A1 Chinese New Year 1:06
A2 Car Crash, Screaming Tires 0:11
A3 Dynamite Blasting 0:57
A4 707 Jet Starting Up Engines 1:37
A5 707 Jet Taxiing 0:41
A6 Heavy Duty Motors (With Circuit Breakers Closing) 0:26
A7 Coal Hoist Winch Room 0:38
A8 Helicopter 0:23
A9 Fencing Lesson 0:48
A10 Man On Concrete Stairs 0:45
A11 Woman On Wooden Stairs 0:18
A12 Lawnmower 0:45
A13 Shoveling Scrap Metal 1:02
A14 Shoveling Snow 0:29
A15 Shoveling Sand 0:31
A16 Restaurant Sounds 0:14
A17 Tray Of Dishes Crashing 0:07
A18 Sea Gulls, Staten Island Ferry 0:32
A19 Mantel Clock Striking 0:14
A20 Elevator And Gate 0:50
A21 Slot Machine 0:22
A22 "Boings" 0:16
A23 Pogo Stick 0:25
A24 Calliope: "Dixie" (PD) 0:48
B1 Sea Lions 0:30
B2 African Elephants 0:30
B3 Chicken Coop 0:27
B4 Turkeys 0:28
B5 Bantam Roosters 0:18
B6 Geese And Ducks 0:22
B7 Cow Barn 1:07
B8 Sheep, Goats, Lambs, Kids 0:30
B9 Pigs And Piglets 0:31
B10 Guinea Pigs 0:29
B11 Puppies In Pet Shop 0:30
B12 Pigeons 0:29
B13 Chimps In Pet Shop 0:30
B14 Mourning Doves In Pet Shop 0:31
B15 Dog Pound 0:38
B16 Brook 0:38
B17 Walking In Snow 0:28
B18 Children In Playground 0:29
B19 Baby Crying 0:39
B20 Baby Sneezing, Laughing, Playing 0:28
B21 Shuffling, Dealing Cards 0:34
B22 Throwing Dice 0:29
B23 Handball 0:38
B24 Dribbling Basketball 0:32