50 Fabulous Organ Favorites

Sir Julian
United Artists Records
UAL 3346
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Producer: Leroy Holmes

A1 Medley #1 i. All of Me ii. Back in Your Own Back Yard iii. Cecilia iv. Let's Fall in Love v. Old Gang of Mine 3:50
A2 Medley #2 i. Unforgettable ii. Imagination iii. I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You iv. Love Letters in the Sand v. Years and Years Ago 7:30
A3 Medley #3 i. Gone With the Wind ii. You and I iii. Love (Your Magic Spell Is Gone) iv. One Night of Love 5:40
A4 Medley #4 i. Armen's Theme ii. A Fool in Love iii. It's a Lonesome Old Town iv. Me and My Shadow 3:27
A5 Medley #5 i. It's a Blue World ii. Lullaby of the Leaves iii. Willow Weep for Me iv. Moon Over Miami v. Around My Shoulder 4:40
B1 Medley #6 i. Then I'll Be Happy ii. What Do We Do on a Dew Dew Dewy Day iii. Yes Sir That's My Baby iv. There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder v. Them There Eyes 3:15
B2 Medley #7 i. Careless ii. That Certain Party iii. When the Red Red Robin Comes iv. Bobbin Along v. Music Maestro Please 3:20
B3 Medley #8 i. Bye Bye Blues ii. Mammy iii. I'm Confessin iv. Dance Everyone Dance v. I Never Knew vi. San Antonio Rose 4:35
B4 Medley #9 i. Whistle While You Work ii. Hi Ho iii. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 2:25
B5 Medley #10 i. Answer Me My Love ii. Eternally iii. Someday My Prince Will Come Along iv. Are You Lonesome Tonight v. Oh How I Miss You Tonight 4:45
B6 Medley #11 i. These Foolish Things ii. Miss Annabelle Lee iii. Yearning iv. The Object of My Affection 4:32